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Teaching at an International School – Why do it?

Teaching at an international school is a wonderful opportunity to expand your teaching methods and gain invaluable experience working with colleagues from all around the world, with various backgrounds and teaching techniques. For the most part, being surrounded by fellow teachers and students that hail from all walks of life and cultures, improves the overall school environment where learning can take place not only in the classroom but in simple interactions.

International schools bring together cultures, languages, and different views that may not always be easy to come by in traditional schools. With professional development in mind, teachers working at international schools can find themselves continually learning from their peers. Their professional development goes far beyond the latest methodologies and best practices; their professional development is a more personal experience where the teacher is forced to look at the world and their subject matter through a more global lens.

Students and teachers alike benefit from participating in the international school experience. The world is constantly changing. The diverse student population and teaching staff provide everyone involved with a unique experience. The world is readily accessible.

For many teachers seeking such an opportunity to working at an international school, this may require them to teach overseas. With a sense of adventure and a little research, these chances can be extremely rewarding. Comprehensive packages and attractive benefits only add to the many advantages of stepping away from your comfort zone. In the months and years ahead, we will continue to help teachers better understand what to look for when exploring the option to work abroad. Here at IBConnects, we definitely suggest finding a position at an International Baccalaureate school. The international curriculum is built right into the teaching experience. Not only will you be working at an international school with an international population, but you’ll be shaping your lessons with an worldly perspective in mind.


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