IB Teacher Recruitment

It’s getting close to IB Teacher Recruitment time. A lot of schools all around the world will begin to ask their teachers who will be returning the following school year. For some teachers, it’s time to move on. For others, maybe it’s time to wind down a wonderful teaching career. Whatever the case may be, schools will be on the look out for high-quality IB teachers to fill the ranks.

We established ourselves nearly two years ago in hopes of helping IB schools around the world post and advertise their soon-to-be vacant teaching positions. During IB teacher recruitment time, many IB schools begin looking for ways to get the message out about where to find teachers. Here at IBConnects, we have worked hard to put together a solid list of schools with vacancies. Schools reach out to us as a way to advertise their teaching positions.

IB Teacher Recruitment

A simple look at our job listing page you will find IB teaching jobs all around the globe. For anyone close to the IB community, there is no doubt that the IB curriculum has really taken off over the years. As a result more and more schools have been looking for teachers with IB teaching experience.

Through this site, it is our aim to bring together those schools and teachers. We hope we can help you find what you’re looking for.

IB Teaching