FAQ for Job Seekers:

Q: What is IBConnects?

A: IBConnects is a group of IB educators and administrators based in several regions around the globe. We put together this online platform dedicated to connecting talented teachers who have International Baccalaureate teaching experience or wish to gain IB experience with reputable, international schools around the world. Job listings are curated, reviewed and added on a daily basis. Follow us on Twitter to stay in touch!

Q: IB Teaching? How’s that different from traditional schools?

A: Founded in 1968, the IB is a non-profit educational foundation offering four highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. To learn more, visit IBO’s website.

Q: What are some benefits of working at an IB school?

A: There are so many reasons why teaching at an IB school rocks, and here are just a few:

  1. You can live and work in almost every country in the world! ?
  2. You can ditch your daily commute, which for the average American is 50+ minutes a day
  3. You can save thousands of dollars a year on gas, public transit, automotive insurance costs, etc.
  4. You can earn a higher salary. For example, Software Developers who work remotely full-time earn about 40% more than those who don’t
  5. You can work for interesting and innovative companies that may not have physical presence in your city, for example Mozilla (Firefox)BufferAutomattic (WordPress), etc.
  6. You can work in a more creative environment, whether it is your favorite local coffee shop, a co-working space in your city, or just your own home office
  7. You will likely have flexibility over your work hours. Never miss your kids’ soccer game or dance recital again.

Q: There are many scams out there related to finding teaching jobs overseas. How do I know if a job is legitimate?

A: At IBConnects, we spend time to make sure every job is legitimate and open by reviewing the school’s website, social media accounts and general reputation, so that you see only the highest quality jobs.

Q: I have posted my resume on IBConnects. How do I get more schools to view it?

A: You can attract more schools by using an accurate job title, uploading a professional photo, updating your resume often. These are the first things that employers see when they browse resumes.

Q: All this sounds very cool. How much will it cost me?

A: Nada! IBConnects is absolutely free for job seekers. Get started today!



FAQ for Employers/Schools:

Q: How much does it cost to list a job on IBConnects?

A: Check out our Plans and Pricing page for current prices!

Q: I have never hired with IBConnects before. What are some benefits of doing this?

A: Hiring with IBConnects has many benefits, for both employers and employees. Here are just a few of the benefits for employers:

  1. You can hire the best teachers, wherever they are. Smart employers know the value of hiring the brightest people, and are always competing for them. Hiring the top local talent can be both difficult and expensive because of this intense competition. By widening your net and looking beyond your geographical area, we believe you can find a whole new world of talented people who can help you reach your business goals.
  2. You can get happier teachers and achieve better morale, which makes employees more likely to stay with your company
  3. Happier teachers translate into better school reputation, which in turn can lead into more great hires!
  4. You can achieve better productivity, as workers do not have to go through time-consuming and energy-draining commutes, and can break up their workday in a way that maximizes their energy levels
  5. You can save on office rental and maintenance costs, due to lower real-estate requirements

Q: Where are the candidates located?

A: Currently, about 65% of the site’s traffic comes from job seekers in the U.S, followed by 5% from Canada, 5% from the United Kingdom, and the remainder 25% from countries like Germany, France, Brazil, India, and Australia.

Q: What kind of response to my job listing can I expect?

A: There are some factors that affect the type of response you’ll get: Are you looking for a niche or popular skill set? Does your company have a remote-friendly culture? What type of compensation are you offering? Are you creating an impressive product? Remember to mention things that will attract applicants in your listing. Depending on these factors, on average you can expect to receive anywhere from dozens to hundreds of applicants for your job posting.

Q: Can I edit my job posting after it goes online?

A: Absolutely! Just log in and browse to Employers –> Manage Jobs to edit your job posting. This is also where you can find a list of all candidates who have applied to your job, including their resume, cover letter, contact information, etc.

Q: All this sounds great, but I’m still not sure if IBConnects is right for me. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, we do. If IBConnects does not live up to your expectations, please get in touch with us, and we’ll do what we can to improve the situation. At that point if you’re not completely satisfied, please request a free reposting of your job or a full refund from us, within 30 days of your job posting expiry. Your 100% satisfaction is our biggest concern, and we would rather not take the money if we cannot achieve this. Post a job today and be covered by our money-back guarantee.