Southpointe Academy

Herat, Afghanistan


Our Motto

Ubique et Aeterna • Everywhere and Forever

Our Mission

We involve, instruct, and inspire our students to learn, lead, and succeed.

Our mission is to develop outstanding citizens who are intellectually engaged, intrinsically motivated, and globally aware. Our balanced approach produces confident, well-rounded students, who are creative, independent thinkers and communicators.

Our Vision

The Southpointe community inspires learning for life.

Our school community aspires to impart a love of learning. We nurture and develop students' passion for learning, preparing them for a successful future.

Our Values

Our shared values reflect our goal to be people of character and substance.

Kindness: We act with compassion and grace. We are empathetic. We help others.

Integrity: We are honest. We have the courage to make the right choices. We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.

Perseverance: We have the courage to overcome challenges. We stand committed in the pursuit of our goals.

Respect: We honour the thoughts, experiences and perspectives of others. We treat others the way we expect to be treated.

Responsibility: We are reliable and keep our word, seeing our commitments to completion. We seek to make a difference locally and globally.